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About Us

The Warwick Health Equity Zone (HEZ) is 1 of 15 funded Health Equity Zones by the Rhode Island Department of Health in Rhode Island and was established in 2021. This is a community run program compromised of both residents and agencies in Warwick. The program aims to identify and address health disparities in Warwick to foster a healthy environment. 

The Warwick HEZ is an initiative of CCAP, our backbone agency. Health Equity Zones aim to create and equip neighborhoods and community partners with resources to foster a healthy and vibrant community for people to live, learn, work, and play; thus addressing key social determinants of health in building healthier communities. 

The spirit of caring close to home. 

Our Mission

To engage and empower residents to become involved in helping their community identify and address health and wellness disparities through community events, programs, and advocacy to create a more equitable Warwick. 

Youth Conference
Our Mission
Fists in Solidarity

Our Vision

An inclusive and united community that empowers one another to grow and flourish to reach their full health and wellness potential.

Our Values

An open-minded and compassionate environment that allows the people of Warwick to feel honest and empowered. We strive to create a space that is fair for all residents regardless of race, ethnicity and sexual orientation, and allows us to blossom into the best version of ourselves.

Youth Club Meeting

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